The Monday Record

November 18, 1923 • 11:43:10 PM

Buy Flapperic


Twisting with tassels, flapper dresses are the newest trend for all you jazz lovin' gals out there! Flapper dresses come in all colors, shapes, and sizes with sparkly or opaque dangling tassels for a nice and fun noticeable way to spice up your dance moves. Originally designed by Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret, all of our flapper dresses are made with smooth velvet, woven chiffon, and even silky taffeta, along with fancy rhinestones, fringes, and even custom embroideries of your choice! Twisting tassels may seem like a struggle, but this once in a lifetime chance isn't! These dresses are going fast with this new trend going around, so you'd better throw on some jewelry, slap on some chic rouge and dark mascara, and buy one before they all sell out so that you can show your true shimmer, dance away the spotlight, and be that one gorgeous gal he chooses!